SMS Gateway Changelog


Android App v3.1.1 - 17-04-2019

  • Fixed an issue where notification could stuck if the app is killed while notification is showing.
  • Now the app will ask to ignore battery optimizations if not done already.

v3.1.1 - 23-03-2019

This version is incompatible with v1.x.x. You need to do a fresh install if you are using v1.x.x.

  • Fixed an issue where changing name and timezone from Device doesn't affect the name and timezone on currently running PC session.
  • Fixed an issue where error wasn't shown when login script was unable to remove the 'install' directory.
  • Fixed js and css path errors in installation script.
  • Fixed an issue where end date wasn't showing the correct date on messages page if user's timezone setting wasn't same as database timezone.
  • Replaced Play Store URL from registration email with APK file URL.
  • Now the application uses locally hosted DataTables js file to improve performance.
  • Now localizing exported excel file column headers.
  • Now ignoring devices value in API if bad value is provided.


v3.1 - 02-01-2019

New Features
  • Added option to turn off Delivery Reports.

v3.0.4 - 09-12-2018

  • Fixed an issue causing Excel export to ignore search parameters.
  • Fixed an issue where status wasn’t translated to primary language on messages page.
  • Now allows up to 60 seconds of delay between messages.

v3.0.3 - 21-11-2018

  • Added missing strings in the language file.
New Features
  • Added German language file.

v3.0.2 - 16-11-2018

  • Now the API call will return date and time in ISO 8601 format.
  • Fixed an issue where select all checkbox was still checked even after a successful operation.

v3.0.1 - 03-11-2018

  • Fixed an issue where The Unknown device wasn’t visible for non-admin users on messages page.
  • Fixed an issue where search didn’t work on messages page for non-admin users if there are no devices registered.

v3.0 - 02-11-2018

  • Now API will return details of all the messages after sending them.
  • Now API supports GET requests.
  • Now messages page will show the total messages count for the search results.
  • Code and Performance Optimization.
New Features
  • Added ability to receive messages in Admin Panel and respond to it using a WebHook.
  • Added ability to change results per page in messages page.
  • Added new API page.
  • Added functionality to get messages using API.
  • Added ability to limit number of messages user can send.

v2.1 - 27-06-2018

  • Now newline character in a message will be converted to br tag in messages page to show it properly.
  • Now users can resend messages with 'Queued' status. It is only recommended to do so if your message status stays in 'Queued' status for more than 24 hours even if message sending was finished on Android device.
New Features
  • Added ability to remove messages.

v2.0.1 - 15-06-2018

  • Fixed an issue causing single message form in Sender to show device doesn't exist error even if it exists in the database. This only happened if your device ID is greater than or equal to 10.
  • Now users list in Manage Users page will show the infinite symbol in Max Devices when Maximum Devices allowed for the user is unlimited.
  • Now the application won't rely on mbstring extension to send messages. Only Excel export and import requires mbstring extension enabled.
New Features
  • Added favicon.

v2.0 - 09-06-2018

  • Fixed an issue causing a fatal error in profile page when entering wrong current password.
  • Fixed an issue that can prevent too many bulk messages from being sent.
  • Fixed an issue causing Failed messages to be marked as Pending.
New Features
  • Added support for multiple devices per user. The User can sign in to muliple devices and split messages between them.
  • Added support for paging to improve the performance of messages page.
  • Now user can change their name from profile settings.
  • Moved all the strings used in admin panel to centralized location for easier localization.
  • Added new status named "Queued" and removed "Delivered" status to avoid confusion.
  • Now seconds data will be shown for sent time and delivered time on messages page.
  • Now delivery time will be reported from android app.

v1.0.6 - 20-04-2018

New Features
  • Added missing phpdoc comments to make IDEs happy.
  • Added icon representing Delay field in the profile page.
  • Changed Firebase Cloud Message priority to high.
  • Now included php files will prevent access when opened directly.
  • Now Reset Password page will use the password reset link to reset the password.
  • Fixed wrong use of constant in Manage Users page.
  • Fixed an issue in Manage users page causing 500 error for few users.
  • Fixed an issue causing message to show outside browser window if message is too big.

v1.0.5 - 06-04-2018

New Features
  • Added ability to set delay between messages.
  • Now messages will show delivery time near status label.
  • Changed input field type to text in sender.php to allow + in input.
  • Fixed an issue causing wrong value to be saved in database if there is $ in value.
  • Fixed an issue with search form layout in messages.php on lower resolution displays.
  • Fixed install script to use single quote in config file to prevent issue when there is $ sign in database password.
  • Fixed an issue preventing checkbox from changing state when clicking select all if user has interacted with checkbox before.

v1.0.4 - 18-03-2018

  • Fixed an issue where certain CSV files are not readable by excel uploader.
  • Fixed a critical issue preventing some of the messages from being sent when the user tries to send too many messages at once.
  • Fixed an issue preventing users from uploading multiple excel files.

v1.0.3 - 10-03-2018

  • Fixed an issue where application can't send messages in bulk if the total data size of bulk messages exceeds 4096 bytes.
  • Fixed an issue where application opens too many MySQL connections resulting in a crash.
  • Fixed an issue where installation script doesn't work if installed MySQL version is below 5.6.
  • Fixed installation script to prevent it from saving changes to the database until every query executes successfully.
New Features
  • Added progress bar for ajax requests.
  • Added .htaccess file to prevent directory listing.
  • Now page won't be reloaded after removing users instead only users table will be refreshed.

v1.0.2 - 06-03-2018

  • Fixed DateTime input field line height issue in mobile application.
New Features
  • Added ability to remove users.
  • Moved Add New User form to Manage Users page.
  • Now if any message from multipart message fails then it will be considered as the failed message.
  • Now messages will be grouped according to users for Admin.
  • Now when a new user will be added it will use the date from defined timezone rather than server timezone.

v1.0.1 - 24-02-2018

  • Fixed an issue where PHP Mailer class was declared twice using require statement in reset-password.php causing a fatal error.
  • Fixed an error in API example in documentation causing it to not report error response correctly.
  • Fixed scrollbar in installation and login page.
New Features
  • Added jQuery Validation Plugin for better form validation.
  • Added server URL and android application URL in create user email.
  • Removed ’$’ from allowed characters in random password generator to avoid problems.